Reading the Witch's Runes

We're excited to announce the completion of our new Witch's Runes! Our exclusive set of eight rune tiles will be available in the shop at the beginning of August 2018. (Hooray! They're here.) The Eight Witch's Runes are an extremely accurate, concise, and portable oracle. The system has its roots in the early human art of lithomancy, where stones, bones, and wood tiles were shuffled as a method of divination. The Witch's Runes use simple, evocative symbols to provoke a universal response. Our Witch's Runes are burned onto round tiles of Baltic Birch. Each set comes with a black velvet bag. They also include a professionally printed bi-fold guide to the rune meanings. We can't wait to share more about this exciting project! Here are the rune meanings in handy one-page format: