This easy cake decorating technique is done with melted buttercream!

Are you looking for a super fun way to decorate a cake that requires no artistic skill? Well then a splatter art cake might be just the design for you! The “splatter” can be created easily by melting a bit of buttercream to a paint-like consistency. Then it’s just a matter of flinging the buttercream onto your cake until you like the way it looks! You can watch the video below to see the brushes I used and the consistency I melted my buttercream to. How to Make a Buttercream Splatter Cake 1. Prepare your cake You’ll need a cake that is already frosted before you can apply the splatter effect. I used Italian Meringue buttercream to frost this cake, but you could use any kind of buttercream you like! The frosting doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect, but spending some time to get nice smooth sides and sharp edges makes a really nice background for the splatter. You can watch how to stack and frost a layer cake here. Once the cake is all frosted, you’ll want to let it chill in the fridge or freezer until the frosting is firm to the touch. It needs to be chilled […]